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New Artist | Linda Bice

Linda Bice, artist
Linda Bice

We are thrilled to welcome a new artist to the osmosis family, whose work truly captures the essence of childhood wonder and the joy of creative exploration. Meet Linda Bice, whose vibrant compositions invite viewers on a journey through a kaleidoscope of colors and emotions.

As a child, Linda found inspiration in the simple act of mixing crayons to create her favorite shade of "sky blue pink." While crayons served as her initial medium, her artistic journey has evolved to encompass a diverse range of materials and techniques. From pastels to acrylics to mixed media, Linda delights in the versatility of each medium, allowing her to express herself in unique and unexpected ways.

Exuberance by Linda Bice
Exuberance by Linda Bice

Initially drawn to realistic and representational styles, Linda soon found herself captivated by the world of abstract art. Embracing the freedom of abstraction, she revels in the spontaneity of the creative process, allowing her intuition and imagination to guide each brushstroke and color choice.

For Linda, pastels hold a special place in her heart, offering an immediate connection between hand and color that is both intimate and expressive. Similarly, she finds joy in the rapid drying time of acrylics, enabling her to build layers of vibrant hues with ease. But perhaps most of all, Linda finds inspiration in the act of collaging, combining torn paper and found materials to create textured and dynamic compositions that reflect the rich tapestry of life itself.

Join us in welcoming Linda Bice to osmosis Gallery, where her colorful creations invite us to rediscover the magic of childhood and embrace the endless possibilities of artistic expression.

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