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Art in Layers | Winter 2024

Updated: Feb 7

March First Friday: 3/1, 5-9pm

In the vibrant realm of artistic creation, Ashton Lacy Jones brings a unique perspective, seamlessly blending the primal and instinctive aspects of her creative process. Discarding the constraints of art speak and theory, she invites you into the raw and captivating world of her craft.

For Ashton, art is a dialogue—an intricate dance between the elements of a medium and her response. Whether it's a mark, a line, or a burst of color, each component calls out, and she answers. This dynamic interaction forms the heartbeat of her artistic expression.

Jones's mastery unfolds through silkscreen and encaustic prints, a mesmerizing journey that begins with manipulated photographs burned into a silk screen. The layers emerge as she strategically prints elements from each screen, gradually building the skeletal structure of her masterpiece. The alchemy continues with the use of an encaustic medium on a heated plate, allowing her to infuse additional color, marks, and images onto the paper. The depth grows with each layer—additional screen printing, stenciling, pencil marks, and further encaustic applications culminate in a rich and complex composition.

Having liberated herself from a mundane existence in the legal field, Ashton has dedicated the past 11 glorious years to the pursuit of art. Her profound connection with the creative process is palpable in every piece, a testament to the blessings found in following one's true calling.

Embark on a journey through the layers of Ashton Lacy Jones's artistry, where each piece is a story told in strokes, colors, and imprints. Join us as we unveil the primal beauty woven into the intricate layers of "Art in Layers," a testament to the power of instinct, response, and the sheer joy of creation.

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