osmosis features a new show every month throughout the year with each show starting off at first friday as a part of the Niwot Art Walk.

Osmosis helps put on several events throughout the year as well in conjunction with the Niwot Business Association (NBA) and the Niwot Cultural Arts Association (NCAA). Beginning in 2012, the Why Not Niwot? Juried Art Exhibition features the uniqueness of Niwot in pieces displayed throughout Niwot each spring. In 2015 Let's Wine about Winter kicked off with a February snow storm and has brought crowds back every year to wander through Niwot.

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osmosis gallery

290 Second Avenue l PO Box 1024 l Niwot, CO 80544-1024 l P 303.652.2668 l F 303.652.2717

M-F 10am-5pm  l  Sat 11am-5pm