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2023 Why Not Niwot? Awards

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

2023 grand prize piece. door on metal building.
Grand Prize Piece, Left Hand Ditch Co. by Jeff Server

Amid the vibrant atmosphere of Niwot's First Friday Art Walk, the "Why Not Niwot?" Art Show reached its end with an enchanting awards ceremony held in front of Osmosis Gallery. The evening was set by the tunes of the Niwot Community Semi-Marching Band, which added a musical note of festivity to the occasion. The melodies from the semi-marching band set the stage for a celebration of artistic excellence and local talent.

The climax of the event came with the announcement of the winners, each piece a testament to the artists' dedication and creative prowess. Among the celebrated artworks were:

Grand Prize Winner: "Left Hand Ditch Co." by Jeff Server

2nd Place: "Crossing Guards" by Jason Emery

3rd Place: "2nd Avenue Afternoon" by Lamya Deeb

Special Award - Niwot Special Smile Award: "Good Boy" by Susan Soklin

The closing exhibition at the old Niwot Feed store across the street showcased these artworks, allowing attendees to view the diverse and captivating creations that adorned the space.

Items featuring the Grand Prize Winning piece are available for purchase, with proceeds going towards the Niwot Cultural Arts Association.

The esteemed panel of judges, including Lisa Rivard, Mary Williams and Alyson Bell, shared their insights on the winning pieces. Lisa Rivard noted Jason Emery's "Crossing Guards" piece: “The impasto quality and quick finish strokes to this piece which leaves out unnecessary details makes it outstanding.” She also remarked about Susan Soklin's work, "Often we find a piece that sticks out and warrants its own category. With so much relevance to Niwot and bringing a smile, we loved the joy of this painting." Mary Williams added about Lamya Deeb's piece: "We selected Lamya Deeb's piece purely based on her fresh and skillful execution. Her work harkened us back to late 19th and early 20th-century master impressionists. She is a very fine artist who never disappoints in pastel as well as oil mediums." Alyson Bell shared her thoughts on Jeff Server's grand prize-winning piece: "The Left Hand Ditch Co. is so incredibly familiar to Niwot, and coupled with the stark simplicity, draws you in immediately. The door is just a bit off-center and the light above is centered but not focused. Its simple 'appearance' leaves the viewer with a lot of room for emotion."

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