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Messed Angels | August 2017

First Friday :: August 4th, 5-9pm

MESSED ANGELS featuring Scott Rodwin

My first child was born 8 months ago. My wife calls her an angel and worries constantly that the world will diminish her pure spirit. It's true, even with the best of intentions, the messiness and roughness of the world compromises our perfect original state. Like all of us, I experience situations every day where I have to compromise and make the best of a messy circumstance.

This series of Messed Angels is inspired by those idealized notions most of us have of who we are and who we could be "if only" the world were nicer, simpler, easier. Our wings are frayed and no longer white, the perfect blue sky backdrop of romanticist visions is rough and mottled.

And yet I think it is this grit, scarring, blending of colors, accident and texture that gives the angel interest. Perfection is boring. Messed Angels are dynamic, potent and have personality. Just like us.

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