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Scott Rodwin

Featured Shows at osmosis gallery:

Messy Angels  |  August 2017

Scott Rodwin is a stone sculptor and painter from Boulder.  An architect and dancer, he integrates both of these passions into his work - the dancer in the stone and the designer on the canvas.  Scott graduated from Cornell with a Bachelor of Architecture in ’91, and is primarily self-taught as an artist (thanks to master sculptor Brain Grossman for his coaching). 


Scott has a tendency and willingness to fail repeatedly, and occasionally spectacularly.  Most of these sculptures have shattered as some point as Scott has taken the stone to the limits of its structural strength; many of the canvases have multiple paintings on them, a newer one replacing the botched experiment underneath.  Sometimes (as in Blue Kauai) the visible layering becomes an integral element of the painting, adding depth, texture and history.


The paintings in this show represent a new horizon for Scott.  Although he has been showing his sculptures for a number of years, this is the first time his paintings have been publicly exhibited.  The paintings are generally a minimalist abstract expression, anchored by a horizon line and hinting at the essence of landscapes, but leaving much to the imagination and interpretation of the viewer.


Scott has exhibited at Sculpture in the Park, The North American Sculpture Exhibition, Colorado Stone Sculptor’s Showcase, 825 Gallery, Tennyson Gallery, Smith Klein Gallery, Osmosis Gallery and Boulder’s Open Studios.

All pieces are available for purchase, and custom commissions are welcome for paintings.  Scott is donating 50% of all proceeds to the charity, through their Seva Challenge project, building a school and birthing center in Uganda.  If Scott is able to raise $20,000 towards this effort, he will travel there to personally build the school by hand.

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