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interior insights | 3rd Edition

interior insights

a feature from osmosis gallery

We have interviewed premier interior designers to get their input on the best art pieces to give as gifts, AND the piece they would love to receive! Use their insights to choose the best piece for your next important gift...or for you!

This month meet Laura Cotter with Cotter Interior Design!

Laura's Choice To Give

Orchard Harvest by Mike Brouse

"The inclusion of trending colors like peacock blue and coral - even this year's color of the year 'Pleasant Stream' by the Color Marketing Group - make this painting the perfect gift."

Above, Orcharch Harvest by Mike Brouse, $800, 24" x 18" oil

Right, Pleasant Stream


Laura's Choice To Get

Giraffe by Kevan Krasnoff

White Giraffe by Kevan Krasnoff

"The giraffe's are whimsical and fun - they would brighten up any small space. Again they have some of this years trending colors with Orange Ballad in White Giraffes and Southern Belle in Giraffes!" (Far Left, Orange Ballad; Left, Southern Belle)


Above Left, White Giraffes by Kevan Krasnoff, $200, 12" x 12" acrylic on wood; Above right, Giraffe by Kevan Krasnoff, $200, 12" x 12" acrylic on wood

With a background in fashion as well as over 20 years of interior design experience, Laura has a knack for creating truly impressive interiors. She works to improve not just the visual quality of a space, but also the functionality, believing the key to design success lies in tailoring each project to a client's needs and budget.

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