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Joy Ride
Photo Apr 05, 8 19 33 PM
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Mike Brouse

Mike Brouse’s joyful passion for painting is immediately apparent in both his studio and in his friendly, enthusiastic conversation.  Radiant bold modern paintings and impressionistic landscapes fill the walls of his home studio.

Mike likes to experiment and try new things in an effort to keep his work fresh, evolving, and continue to push and grow as an artist.  He has been developing his artistic talent most of his life.  At the vocational technical high school Mike attended he was a fixture in the drafting department, spending several hours a day drafting plans for projects in the wood and metal shops.  His early career in drafting led to a degree in mechanical engineering from Penn State and several satisfying drafting jobs for major companies.  Then, in the 1990s, the drafting profession changed radically with computer technology, and Mike found himself missing the artistry of drawing.  It was then that he began to seriously teach himself to paint, allowing his artistic expression to expand beyond what had primarily been, up to that point, a vacation pastime.

Mike welcomes visitors to his home studio almost every year in October during Boulder Open Studios, and sharing his passion for painting, Mike says, “I really love to hear what people have to say about my paintings.  

Mike’s oil paintings are also currently exhibiting around Boulder in restaurants, hotels, and at the award winning Creative Framing Gallery in Louisville, Co, Rembrandt Yard Gallery in Boulder, and at The Fine Art & Frame Co. in Fort Collins.  Mike also exhibits at Faustina's Gallery in Lewisburg, Pa. too because he says "it keeps me connected to the place where I grew up, and I love that."  

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