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Why Not Niwot? Awards | Sept 2022

2022 Why Not Niwot? Exhibition

Join us Friday, September 2nd for a new event to celebrate the close of the 2022 Why Not Niwot? Exhibition. This year we'll host an artists' reception at the former Niwot Feed Store across Second avenue from osmosis gallery. In addition to the prize-winning pieces, all pieces from the 2022 show will be on display during the event. So, if you didn't get a chance to see the pieces displayed at businesses around town during the exhibition this is a great chance to see all the ways the wonderful uniqueness of Niwot was depicted in the over 30 pieces! Many thanks to our judges Mary Williams (Mary Williams Fine Art, Boulder), Alyson Bell (Tool Studios, Niwot), and Lisa Rivard (Rivard Art).

You can support the NCAA (Niwot Cultural Arts Association) by purchasing products at the event that will feature the Grand Prize Winning Piece.

First Friday Art Walk around Niwot 5-9pm

Community Band at the former Niwot Feed Store 6pm

Why Not Niwot? Awards 6:30pm

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