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Ashton Lacy Jones

self portrait.JPG

The creative process for me is primal and instinctive. I am process driven; I want to see how far I can push a medium, to see if I can make the wild idea in my imagination come to fruition. Art speak and theory hold little sway with me, I would rather talk to you about how I make my art and the tools I used. For me, the creation of art is very much a call and response process – the art itself, a mark, line, a color calls to me and I respond.

For my silk screen and encaustic prints, I start with one of my photographs which I manipulate then burn into a silk screen. Printing only elements from each screen I begin to build the bones of my print. Using encaustic medium on a large heated plate I can incorporate additional color, marks, and images to the paper. In some cases, I layer additional screen printing, stenciling, pencil marks and even more encaustic to build the final composition.

After a miserable life in the law, I have spent the past glorious 11 years devoted to the creation of art. I am blessed indeed.

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