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2024 Why Not Niwot? Art Show

Updated: Jul 5

2023 Why Not Niwot?

People's Choice Voting July and August | Downtown Niwot and Cottonwood Square

The 2024 Why Not Niwot? Art Show unfolds across 8 locations, presenting a captivating collection of over 30 exceptional artworks. Join us in celebrating the remarkable talent that illuminates the true spirit of our beloved community.

Map of Participating Businesses for the 2023 Exhibition
Pick up a Passport at any participating business to start your People's Choice Voting

From July to August, Niwot will come alive with an array of stunning artworks displayed at various locations throughout town. The exhibition, organized by the Niwot Cultural Arts Association (NCAA), is a testament to their commitment to fostering creativity and supporting artistic expression in Niwot and the surrounding areas.

The 2024Why Not Niwot? Art Show invited artists to submit their 2D creations that beautifully embody the spirit and uniqueness of Niwot. Our incredible panel of judges includes Mary Williams of Mary Williams Fine Arts in Boulder, Mary Horrocks of Boulder Open Studios, and Alyson Belle of Tool Studios. The grand prize-winning artwork will be featured on a wine label, as well as on cards and prints. These exclusive items provide a unique opportunity to showcase and celebrate the talent of the artist with proceeds from the sale of these items will go towards supporting the Niwot Cultural Arts Association's ongoing endeavors.

Visitors to Niwot during July and August can explore the vibrant streets and discover the artworks exhibited at various locations. Niwot Wheel Works, Few of a Kind, Osmosis Gallery, Niwot Jewelry & Gifts, Niwot Inn & Spa, Niwot Market, Fly Away Home Decor, and Inkberry Books will each host pieces. Available at each location will be the Why Not Niwot? Passport to guide visitors to the various locations and cast their People's Choice Vote. By completing the ballot, visitors will have a say in selecting the most beloved artwork and a chance to win a print of the grand prize piece.

The 2023 Why Not Niwot? Art Show is open to the public, free of charge, allowing everyone to experience the artistic talent poured into the love of Niwot. It's an invitation to celebrate the uniqueness that sets Niwot apart; to embrace the visual stories that capture the heart and soul of our community. The top 3 winners as well as the People's Choice Award will be announced at the September First Friday.

This extraordinary exhibition not only highlights the incredible talents of our local artists but also serves as a platform to support the Niwot Cultural Arts Association's ongoing endeavors. Through this event, the NCAA aims to raise awareness and support for projects such as the Niwot Children's Park, Rock & Rails, Whistle Stop Park, and the Community Corner at Sculpture Park.

Join us in experiencing the magic of Niwot through the eyes of talented artists, and let the 2023 Why Not Niwot? Art Show ignite your passion for art, community, and the extraordinary charm that defines our town. Together, let's celebrate the uniqueness that makes Niwot truly special during this remarkable event spanning July and August.

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