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Watercolor Flowers // Water and Light | November 2015

Frist Friday :: November 7th, 5-9pm

November brings TWO shows into the gallery at osmosis.

WATERCOLOR FLOWERS by Greg Evans and WATER + LIGHT by Suzanne Frazier

From Suzanne:

The Rocky Mountain series of paintings emerged from my forty-three years of hiking Colorado trails across the state. The paintings are an accumulation of experiences, not just one experience, one place. I choose to create work that does not refer to any specific location or time. I choose instead to invite the viewer into my meditation of my collected emotional responses from residing for fourteen years in the Colorado Mountains. Each painting lives in its own time and locale, without depending on a specific period or place to give it validity.

It breathes on it’s own, free from a particular association, reflecting back to the viewer an experience of seeing something new. The painting changes as the viewer breathes in detail, subtleties of shape, and nuance of color. Then the painting breathes back to the viewer and a relationship ensues. I invite you to gaze, without labels, into my shared contemplation.

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