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SAY WHAT? | May 2015

featuring Cindy Sephucha

This series is inspired by sayings. Many of us have memories and experiences with interesting, repetitive and, sometimes, downright odd sayings in our lives. It might be something goofy your grandmother used to always say, and maybe you don’t even know what it really means, or a common saying that has just become a part of your family lexicon because it is used so regularly. I am interested in learning about these sayings. I love to hear the history of the sayings for individuals who experience them in a regular basis from those around them.

This project began as I was thinking about eccentric things my Uncle Wayne used to say, many that now, my father uses. When I thought about the sayings, images would pop into my head. So, I had the idea to express those images on canvas. The paintings are not illustrations of the saying, rather a visual that was inspired by my experience of the saying. Viewers might not find the connection of the visual to the saying, or may make their own differing connection, which is exactly what I believe art is about: the experience of the viewer.


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