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It's a Colorful Life | Summer 2024

it's a colorful life painting

June First Friday 6/7 5-9pm

July First Friday 7/5 5-9pm

August Frist Friday 8/2 5-9pm

Join us at osmosis Gallery this June as we unveil our new show, "It's a Colorful Life," featuring the vibrant and joyful works of Dianna Fritzler. Dianna's journey into the world of art began with bold-lined coloring books and Crayola crayons, a childhood delight that has blossomed into a lifelong passion for creating vibrant, color-filled masterpieces.

Dianna's artistic journey is as unique as her artwork. While she initially believed that artistry was a talent one had to be born with, her fascination with creativity grew during college when she explored the photography darkroom and the world of advertising. But it wasn't until she backpacked around the globe, visiting art museums and architectural marvels, that her deep-seated desire to paint truly took root. This adventure sparked her artistic spirit, and upon returning to the U.S., she transformed her newfound passion into a full-time career.

"It's a Colorful Life" encapsulates Dianna's perspective on the world—chaotic yet joyful, vibrant yet contemplative. Her paintings are created with an intricate patchwork of vibrant paints and bold mark-making. Through this dynamic process, Dianna invites the painting to lead her through a journey of shapes, textures, and colors. Each piece is a dance of creativity, challenging her senses and reflecting the unpredictable beauty of life itself.

From her base near the Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction, CO, Dianna's art has become a source of joy for many, gracing the collections of hospitals, universities, and even wine bottles. As an instructor at the Art Students League of Denver, she takes pride in teaching others how to explore and expand their creative spirit.

We invite you to experience the vibrant world of Dianna Fritzler at "It's a Colorful Life." Her paintings offer a celebration of color and an invitation to find joy in the chaos. Join us this June at osmosis Gallery for a journey into the extraordinary. Let's dance with colors and find inspiration in the layers of Dianna's artistic expression.

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