Scott Campbell Reuman

"Creativity is the source that sustains and connects all humanity.


Without it, there would be no change. With it, we are small but real gods and goddesses.  We are all artists, even if you never pick up paint and brush, chisel and hammer, or pencil and paper.


Art is a way of thinking, a way of being, a way of life."

 There are certain things I believe deeply: We are all artists. Like the form hidden in the stone awaiting the artist to see and release it, the same is true of the artist in each of us. The artist is there, awaiting release. The older we get, the more forceful the chiseling required, and the more intoxicating the reward.


I also believe in reciprocity of reverence. Applied to humans, this principle helps us feel valued, respond positively and contribute to society. The artist/medium relationship is built of this same bond, fiber upon fiber.

These two things — the hidden art in all of us and a reverence for all things — guide me as woodworker, sculptor, painter, writer and even in previous lives (biomedical engineer and physicist). In a sense, we are all very real gods and goddesses, creating each day with our eyes and minds and hands.


Certain elements of my work repeatedly appear: flowing forms, curves, the contrast of mixed materials, river imagery, and water. Wild things, diversity, human insignificance in the universe, all serve as inspiration.

My work, then, is not contained within a theme. It is instead from within; born in the seat of unconscious, heated in the forge of mind, fueled by a life of observation, and tempered by the heart of soul. 

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