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Tim + Barb Husby

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The past drives the future in the case of our art this is very true. Our art is a mix of geometrics and free forms, with predominant earth tones yet brighter colors that can creep into the mix. Our collaborative work combines efforts from the wood shop to the art studio. Barb has an extensive background in landscape oil painting, learned as a child from a family of artists and a profession of working in all colors of the rainbow due to her education and career in commercial interior design. The geometrics and materials come from Tim's engineering education and career - plus years of a consuming hobby - of furniture designing and building for clients, family, friends, and neighbors.

Living for six years in Santa Fe, New Mexico inspired us to expand our artistic interests. While combing through hundreds of galleries we examined numerous combinations of materials and art forms. The result is the combinations of MDF (medium-density fiberboard), softwoods, hardwoods, watercolors, oil, spray paints, stains, and urethanes that you see in our current work. We constantly investigate new techniques, textures, applications, color schemes, and subject matter. This has been a great retirement experiment that has expanded our interests and challenged our creative talents.

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