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Svertker Antoni

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It started with pebbles, pebbles on the beach.

I have always been collecting things on the beach. Once in Denmark, I found a beach that as far as the eye could see consisted of pebbles, which for tens of thousands of years have been polished by the sea. Perfect in shape and beautiful in color, but gray when dry. I began polishing them in a tumbler and mounting them in silver to make rings and pendants. Later I participated in classes in lapidary, learning to cut and polish stones. To be able to cut and choose the best part of a stone as well as polish it together with the silver mounting highly improves the beauty of a ring.

I now buy my stones at rock and mineral shows, getting stones from all over the world, such as lapis lazuli, tiger eye, and spectrolite… I use sterling silver, a metal that is pleasant to work with and beautiful by itself or in combination with stones.

I make large rings, often worn on two fingers (more comfortable than you think). I like simple, clean design, letting the silver areas dominate. I often combine silver with titanium, a very hard, gray, and dull metal, but when shaped, polished, and burned with a propane torch it shifts into beautiful colors.

I find it very rewarding to work with my hands and to make objects that other people appreciate and I myself am content with.

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