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Scott Roebuck

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Scott Roebuck is a Chicago-born artist who has always had a passion for creativity. Introduced to art by his grandfather, an avid painter and cartoonist, Scott initially pursued tennis and spent much of his childhood on the court. However, his interest in art continued to grow, leading him to draw and experiment with various mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, and oil paint.

While pursuing a career as a tennis pro, Scott continued to hone his artistic skills in his free time. Later, he trained to become a science teacher, but he never lost his love for creating art. His travels to Phoenix and the UK exposed him to different artists and techniques, inspiring him to continually develop and refine his own work.

Now based in Colorado, Scott draws inspiration from the stunning landscapes around him. He experiments with new techniques and materials, seeking to capture the essence of everyday street scenes and landscapes. His work reflects his passion for exploring the world around him and finding beauty in the ordinary.

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