Lonny Granston

self portrait.JPG

When I was a little kid, my mother once commented that she was amazed how I could get 64 crayons to “light up so much”. I did enough ‘coloring’ in my youth to be voted “best artist” by the senior class at my high school graduation. Then I put my Crayola’s away. I spent the next quarter of a century becoming a family doctor, racing triathlons, being a husband and father. a few years ago I picked up a pastel and found that I could still ‘light things up’. Colorado and the American southwest offer a lot more for a pastelist to choose from than my native Iowa. I try and combine my love of color and wild places in my work. I often work from photos I’ve taken while afield—usually while hiking, biking or rafting -- and particularly enjoy “plein air” painting.

I enjoy combining my love of moving in the outdoors--rafting, biking, hiking-- with art. A small sketch book and a box of pastels are part of my packing list for any outdoor endeavor.

My favorite trail in Rocky Mountain National Park is the hike to Black Lake. Starting from Bear Lake, one skirt Mills Lake, passes under McHenry’s Peak, and ends in the shadow of the Spearhead. These pastels reflect a recent visit this past season.