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Lamya Deeb

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Lamya Deeb is a Plein air landscape artist working in the mediums of oil and pastel. Working on location year-round, she aims to capture a special moment of experience in nature and to give a glimpse of unexpected beauty, briefly encountered.

Born in the U.S., Lamya spent much of her childhood in Beirut, Lebanon, witnessing first-hand that country's civil war. Her family also traveled extensively by car through Europe and the Middle East, bringing her into contact with the great art and scenic beauty of those areas. Her desire to become an artist took root at an early age. She went on to study fine art at Colorado State University and then worked in illustration and design. When she began studying with landscape artist, Jake Gaedtke in 2006 she was immediately drawn to Plein air painting, finding the practice thoroughly uplifting and grounding at the same time.
Lamya’s plein-air approach involves engaging with what's happening in the landscape, exploring what's happening on the canvas, and listening to the voice of the painting itself. When these are in sync, the process becomes a wonderful dance. This spirit of exploration and connection to nature infuses her work with playfulness and deep reverence.

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