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Jerry Boyle

self portrait.JPG

As a sculptor I use the human figure, as a vehicle, to explore the meaning in my life. Our bodies are both very fragile and yet extremely resilient; they represent the realistic as well as the paradoxical side of life. I look for subtle ways to present my viewpoint either traditionally or find paradoxes or ironies so I can play with the different meanings and maybe add a twist or two, like finding Beauty in the Ugly.

I am a person of extremes; I stretch my boundaries to look for more options. For example, I create classical figures with the expected results, a traditional look. But I also enjoy creating pieces that exaggerate and distort the figure for a more powerful psychological effect. The choice to do one or the other depends on my intent. If I feel that a traditional approach will convey my message I will follow a more conventional path. But if I discover that enlarging the hands or giving the figure three legs will in some way strengthen my intent or help the composition I will consider my options. This is also true of my materials. Depending on the subject at hand, I will use bronze, cement, colorful mosaic tile, or a combination of all of these.

In the process of being an artist, I have realized my need to serve others is being accomplished through my work. My art serves people on many levels; it educates, inspires, and entertains. This provides me the opportunity to discover and comment about man’s place in the universe and to explore my role in the overall scheme of things. This is the process I use to create my art, my ideas, and my life.

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