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Gene Micheili

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I have been making and showing sculptures since the late 1970s. Much has changed in that time but not the basic reasons for taking on such a task. I see three-dimensional objects in my head… and then I build them. I don’t seem to be happy unless a new piece is in the works. I have an ongoing series of flowering plant studies whose shapes and planes find their way into the more abstract designs. I have also become fascinated with the new world of digital photography and have some pictures and thoughts to share along those lines.

There is the freedom to be found in the making of totally abstract work. It is born in your imagination and rises or falls on its own merits. I like that. The basic rules of three-dimensional art do not change no matter the subject. The use of volume in space, visual movement implied by the structure, and the use of negative space are minor constants. A piece is successful or not depending on your use of these concepts no matter the subject matter.

The art world, particularly the academic end, has grown apart from the greater public. There is very little formal art education in our society. We get exposed to highly sophisticated designs in the form of commercial advertising. But our exposure to the messages found in fine art is limited. I consider a piece of mine to be a success if someone who isn’t normally drawn to that style of work, likes it almost in spite of themselves.

I enjoy working with people who are drawn to my sculpture whether in galleries, in private collections, or in public commissions. Showing my work is an educational experience for all concerned, especially for me, and helps to continue the development of new ideas.

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