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Cindy Sepucha

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I begin each 20”x20” piece with a background of collaged bits of old, discarded dictionaries and books of quotes and sayings and build my image on top of that. By using an economy of brushstroke and glaze-like consistency of paint, the collage of the words shows from below the image and adds to the overall experience of the piece.

In addition to the mixed media paintings, I invite viewers to add to my interactive sculpture, which is a growing collection of sayings. Markers are provided and I invite people to add sayings from their lives to the papier mache piece, designed as a visual collection mechanism for sayings that might, someday, become a painting. The paper used on the 3D piece is the same bits of dictionary and quotes."

Cindy began her art career fresh out of college. With a political science degree in hand, she began working as an assistant to the mural artist, Tina Carlson-Wells in San Diego county. After about a year as Carlson-Wells’ assistant, Cindy began her own business painting murals for clients all over southern California, such as individuals, designers, non-profit organizations, Standard Pacific homebuilders, and the Marine Corps Air Station at Miramar, CA. During this time, she began to show her paintings at several southern California galleries and art festivals, including the La Jolla Festival of the Arts and La Quinta Arts Festival. She continued this work for about 10 years until she and her husband moved to Boulder, CO in 2007 and Cindy took a professional break to raise her two young children.

In 2012, Cindy started spending more time in the studio and looking for new avenues to display her growing body of work. These days, She splits her creative time between her north Boulder painting studio and a small jewelry metalsmithing studio in her basement. She enjoys the experience of working with vastly different media (paint, paper, metal) and finds that spending time with each helps to feed inspiration for the others

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