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Blaise Simonelli

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Blaise Simonelli is an abstract expressionist painter, who works with acrylics and a variety of mark-making tools. Her work portrays subtle movement with an emphasis on space, oftentimes creating an ethereal feel. The paintings generate a soft yet provocative mood, through color and texture. Inspired by the beauty and the mystery of life itself, Blaise pursues tones and energy in the paintings, in an attempt to depict the vastness of the human experience, both the seen and unseen. She strives to harmonize quiet and bold space in her work, with dichotomies representing a meaningful reflection of her life.

Born in southwest Florida, Blaise moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2011. In 2018, she toured her first Open Studios exploring different artists and art forms in the community. She immediately found the palettes and easels of her local painters were nothing short of romantic and longed for the experience of creating art herself. Soon after, she decided to buy an easel and began painting on her own for the first time. Since her onset, she has cultivated her own sense of preference and style of painting but continues to experiment and learn each time she shows up to the canvas. For Blaise, painting abstractly is an enchanting and profound act and experience. She finds painting both humiliating and liberating.

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