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Bill Enyart

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I think of my art like I do my fishing, I don't think of myself as a fisherman yet when I think about it, I've fished most all my life. Same with art.

I come from a family of artists, Benson Bond Moore was my great-uncle and an early influencer. My grandmother Jan Thompson painted, and I inherited her wooden box of art supplies and passed them on to my artist/art teacher daughter Lauren.

My mother loved art, when I was about eight, we rode bikes to an art class and I picked up a sparrow, knocked unconscious after glancing off a car windshield. I put it in my art supply box, and it became my first "still life" and to my relief, it revived at the end of the session and flew away. I made salt dough ashtrays, painted them, and sold them door to door in my neighborhood. In high school I stayed up late at night endlessly making pencil drawings of images found in National Geographic, I sold some art and did a few commissions. In college, I took ceramics and did pottery and met my artist wife Lynn.

When the kids were young, we always did art projects, and we bought a ceramic kiln that we use to this day. As the kids grew up my attention veered towards my oil and gas career, but our family still incorporated art into everything.

Lynn worked at an advertising agency. We did Foghorn Leghorn t-shirts for an annual gathering of friends, some of our earliest computer-generated art around 1981. When we moved across the country, I drew a cartoon-based family portrait, we made up a jingle to the tune of the “The Beverly Hillbillies" theme song and hand-colored Christmas/moving cards for all of our friends and family. I drew characters for a school bus playhouse that we had manufactured by the tractor-trailer load.

I conspired with and joined my son Billy and his business of Enyart Forge and Fabrication adding cast glass to the offering, and we had a massive glass kiln "Moby" custom-made for architectural scale projects. During the Christmas holiday in 2020, Lynn gave me a Plein air oil set, and Lauren gave me my first lesson in oils. I was introduced to a wonderful Plein-air group, PAAC-Boulder, and started Plein-air painting with them weekly, and I participated in four art events in Colorado in 2021 and scored some awards. I guess I am a fisherman - and an artist after all.

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