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Alan Olson

self portrait.JPG

My work is centered around a love of combining color and motion to create intriguing sculptures. I enjoy what happens when colorful, three-dimensional forms are set in motion causing the relationship of the various elements to change.

I suspect that my favorite toys as a child such as watercolor sets, Lionel trains, the big box of Crayolas, and Erector sets influenced me greatly.

I start out with very simple sketches to achieve the proportions and movements that I am aiming for. I use design elements that range from Art Deco to Egyptian with basic structures that are either geometric or organic. Movements vary from simple rotation to complex rocking motions with timed elements.
The basic structure is usually a mixture of wood and styrene with various kinds of low-voltage gearhead motors for power. My colors range from vibrant to muted and I use lighting sources that include incandescent and neon. The pieces are hand-painted with acrylics and have a metal leaf, beadwork, and brass trim applied. Some pieces require that the viewer operate them by using simple push-button controls, I like the idea of the observer having direct contact and control of each sculpture.

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