Pamela Olson

The totality of the landscape and the diverse textures and forms of its individual elements draw my attention.  In my work, I bring the individual units into focus as their own landscape for close consideration.  I am fascinated by the transformations that occur within the cycle of life and the seasons of nature.  I am inspired by nature and influenced by eastern philosophies.


A significant aspect of my art is process: the process of observing, the process of collecting and the process of making.  I cast the objects that I collect which transforms the “real” and ephemeral object into a more permanent state.  Casting enables me to duplicate the microcosms of the landscape and present them as macrocosms of their own.  The repetitive, obsessive and meditative making process has a contemplative nature that relates to the concepts of my work.

As these objects are cast into porcelain, transformation occurs and they acquire a quiet, timeless and fragile quality.  This transfers to the objects and the landscapes I create with them.  The new object operates as a memorial of the real.  Focusing on and replicating the individual unit is a way for me to enshrine and to transform the natural landscape, while the fragility of the refigured objects and landscapes is a metaphor for the fragility of our natural world.

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