Mark Friday

I find that the making of assemblages and collages with either found or created materials is a multi-stepped process.


The first step involves searching for materials, usually thin gauge metal, uniquely shaped wood, colored plastics and anything with appealing textures and colors.   The materials come from scrap yards, alley ways, thrift stores, and gifts from friends who know my work and have a good eye for junk.


The second step is an analysis of materials and the organization of them.  I start to compose a loose composition on the floor or table top, starting with materials that I find particularly interesting to me at that time.   I let the materials suggest their inclusion in the piece rather than any rigid plan that I may have in mind.  I continue on in this fashion, adding and subtracting parts or some cases parts of parts, until I sense something exciting happening.   When I see a potentially unified piece taking shape I move on to the next phase.


The third step involves the joining together of all the various parts into a completed piece.   My most common methods of joining are bolting, screwing and nailing.   The joining methods need to make the piece sturdy without looking clumsy and often the method of attachment becomes part of the aesthetic.  At any time during this step, I'm free to make any changes that I think are needed. 


With the illuminated pieces I usually create cavities that house the light sources and interior spaces that become enhanced by the interior lights.  Often, the interior lights projects through meshes, and hole patterns onto the walls, ceiling, and table surfaces, extending the boundaries of the piece.


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