Mardie Dalzell Driftmier

Raised in the rolling hills of Appalachia and transplanted to the Rocky Mountains, I’ve spent most of my life exploring…outdoors.  My earliest memories are of wandering the hills surrounding my childhood town, consumed by the land and sky around me.


The inspiration for my art comes from the world around me…walks in the early dawn, drives across the country…even words spoken to me.  My favorite pastime is to find a quiet corner beneath a tree either in Boulder Open Space or on a side street downtown, pull out my wooden stool, a piece of paper and sketch.  These sketches plus random photos taken out the side window while driving are the catalysts behind my pastel painting.  My aim is to create art that expresses pleasure and delight in our natural surroundings and perhaps inspire thought…engage the senses.


Mardie Dalzell Driftmier was born in West Virginia.  She studied art and art history at Ohio Wesleyan University and Seattle Academy of Fine Art.  Mardie now resides in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and three children. 

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