Living Design

Living Design Studios is a group of artists committed to creating artwork that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.  We have been creating artwork out of our Boulder studio since 1996. We see art as essential to the living environment.


Under the guidance and vision of Jessica Adams, our artists have combined their myriad talents to create a dynamic and innovative body of work. Each piece begins with an experience we wish to convey. Materials and techniques are then carefully chosen based on their unique properties. We then meld metal working skills with an artist’s eye until the design is realized.


Metalwork allows us to work with color through patinas, paint and the tones of the raw material. It is naturally durable. It’s reflective quality creates constant change as light shifts with different times of day, weather and seasons. Our art work ranges from flat, to bas relief, to 3 dimensional sculptures. We also thrive on the challenges of functional features such as railings, doors and fireplaces. 

osmosis gallery

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M-F 10am-5pm  l  Sat 11am-5pm