Karin Dremel


My creativity bubbles from excited love for humans and my delight in authentically relating. Whatever medium I work in, my art reflects exploration and manifestation of struggles with the Human Condition and triumphs of the Human Spirit.


By making jewelry into Wearable Art I tell stories I hear, see and feel around me: political events, the beauty and awe of the planet, dreams, personality and aspirations of people I meet at the coffee shop, in my work or on my travels. Sometimes I plainly get excited by the materials I find, their textures, colors and inherent stories. My adornments are colorful, highly visible, empowering and uplifting.


When sculpting Little People I draw from insight and experience on my quest for

healing and growth, as well as from hopes, pains, and aspirations my clients share

with me. The sculptures are three dimensional “snap shots” of the full

range of human experience, ranging from painful anguish to joyous fulfillment.


I acquired and hone intuitive and manual skills as a therapist, educator, and body-

worker (specializing in Resolution of Chronic PTSD and trained in Rolfing® Method Structural Integration). Sculpting directly uses these skills as I capture human shape and experience in clay. 


Emotional states - especially when they where overwhelming - often reside in psyche and body until they are seen, embraced and integrated, creating ever expanding resilience.  As I touch clay without intention I am often rewarded by meeting with something I had not been conscious of before: a hidden aspect of my psyche or something I picked up in the world around me.

Sculpting is one of the ways I let limited Little People meet with the those representing strength, resourcefulness and expansiveness - a deeply transformative path of Integration, reconciliation, and growth. 

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Inauguration speach 09.jpg
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