Heather Bentz

Childhood memories provide inspiration for the work I make. Paper lanterns, Chinese parasols, hanging laundry, stacked furniture, and inventions made from simple materials at hand (string, sticks, tape, paper, fabric scraps, crayons). In the marks I make, I tap into the memory of how I played on a large chalkboard in our basement or scratched into the dirt outside. Everything was tactile then. Rural and urban landscapes, their chaos and order, cacophony and quiet, slip into my work. Scribbling allows freedom of movement and expression. As I mature, it is playfulness, spirit and wonder I don’t want to lose.  


It is important to me to enjoy what I do, even if it’s considered “work.” Over the course of my career, I’ve worked for major institutions (Smithsonian, World Wildlife Fund, Montana State University, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth) while also pursuing my painting career.


I am fortunate now to work full time in my studio. I’m committed to improving my craft, technique, and expression of content, exploring materials, breaking rules, bending boundaries and considering “what ifs.” This pursuit while difficult at times makes me happy.


My method of working and the materials I use allow me to play as I work. I go between “more is better” and “less is more” as I spend time with a piece, considering formal issues towards its resolution, adding and subtracting as I find the right balance. I enjoy the process of adding layers of content, going with the ebb and flow of what reveals itself within the work as it develops, and then bouncing between making informed decisions and intuitive response.


Formal issues of color, composition, interplay of positive/negative space and design are my interests. Architecture, in the form of structure, is a prevalent theme and hints at places and spaces I’ve experienced and recall.  The scale and refinement of scribbling in my work, elevates and validates the form of expression.


I leave interpretation to the viewer to see what they see. I will continue to observe, take notes and make art of what I find and remember as visually pleasing, enjoying the playful creative process. That is my work.

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