Anthony Grant

I am a self taught representational and expressionist artist of over 30 years.


Painting the life around me I dive into the unknown and simply follow where my energy and curiosity take me.  As I get older I realize that I don’t have to just make paintings that are pretty, I could make art that comes from an emotion within and express it in my paintings.


I realize the power I have with the brush, I do not fear it, I simply us me inner imagination to guide me.


In my acrylic work, the rapid drying time allows me to keep a vibrancy in my colors while the clearly define brush strokes bring a sculptural quality to my paintings.


I also work in a variety of media always exploring different styles, I am currently working on a new series of aerial landscapes in oil on canvas that us my love of abstraction and geometry.


I am always celebrating my love of human creativity and to be honest my head is always in the clouds which is reflected in much if my work these days.   

osmosis gallery

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