Suzanne Frazier

Color and texture are the predominate features of my oil paintings. Color is influenced by the textured surface and is an important component of the work, especially creating unique hues to reveal a particular mood.


I paint abstract landscapes in oil because of the wide potentiality of blending unique colors on the canvas. The size of the paintings span from intimate to larger formats; single canvas to diptychs to triptychs.


The landscapes are abstract because I choose not to depict a scene but rather give an impression of the impact of the scene.


My approach to painting is contemplative. The seed of inspiration arises from within the depths of my soul and moves into the creative process when I assimilate an ordinary life experience into my contemplative exploration. As I begin to paint, I put the essence of the original impression in my heart and carry it with me until the product of my time and energy erupts into an expression of the extraordinary aspects of everyday existence. With each painting, I share my contemplation.


In my current work, the painting process begins with heavy application of oil paint with a pallet knife to create texture. After the layer of thick paint dries and hardens, I begin the next layer, painting the contemplated image. After applying untold layers of paint to create unique colors, my interpretation of my heart-centered experience arrives on the canvas. 

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