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Donald Sayers

Don Sayers painting is typically emotion based, rapidly done …painterly.  95% of the work is accomplished at one sitting.  The remaining 5% may take 5 minutes, a week or a year.  The ‘bones’ of his artwork is drawing, incorporating both tightly rendered and gestural elements.  Paint medium is acrylic applied to a variety of surfaces such as yupo synthetic, canvas or board.  


Some basics of Art History were learned at the University of Iowa and subsequent visits to the Louvre and Prado courtesy of a US Army European tour.  Careers in Clinical Psychology and Social Work prevailed until artist’s girlfriend said (basically) stop whining about not being an artist and take some courses.  Don followed her advice and for 20+ years studied with Lifelong Learning Boulder, The Art Students League of Denver, Foothills Art Center-Golden, Ross Group–Denver, Front Range Community College and Flying Colors Art Workshop.  As an admirer of the work of Gauguin, Don retraced some of his footsteps via freighter from Tahiti to the Marquesas.  


Don is a multi-year award winning artist in the annual Rocky Mountain National Water Media Show.  He won ‘Best of Show’ in the Pikes Peak International Water Media Exhibit in 2005.  His work can be seen in the books Splash 10,Passionate Brushstrokes (2008), and in Strokes of Genius (2009), published by North Light Books.


A young Canadian artist with whom Don was painting recently said, “Aren’t we the luckiest people to be doing this?”….that about says it.

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