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Denise Chamberlain

Denise Chamberlain refers to her artwork as honey.  She explains that she goes out into the world and gathers inspiration, and uses it to create her artwork, just as a bee gathers pollen from flowers to make honey.  And the result for Denise is a sweet life, living and working full time as an artist in Niwot, Colorado.  Her portfolio is varied and eclectic, ranging from hand-painted memory boxes for treasured pets, to designing and creating the largest hand-painted mural in Colorado, “The Spirit of Niwot”.  She is involved in art projects which include interior installations, canvas art, murals, frescos and finishes, custom hand-painted furniture, business branding and logo design, and has been featured in Colorado Life Magazine, and Architecture and Design of the West Magazine. She is an active volunteer at Access Studios art space for special needs children, and  just completed a 7 month commission at Healthy Habits Pediatrics at the Swedish Hospital Health Park in Littleton, creating an entire Jungle backdrop and six themed exam rooms with a volcano and tiki bar reception room, which are showcased on Google Places Virtual Tour ad campaign.  Denise considers herself to be the luckiest artist in the world and is grateful for her clients, friends and family who support her on her magical art adventures.  Want more?  Of course you do!  Visit and



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