Demry Frankenheimer

Through the use of various materials, Demry has developed a visual vocabulary, a language that enables her to define and articulate an experience, a concept or a moment in time.  Her materials are intentional, permitting her to “write” what she sees.   Frequently within this language she plays with the juxtaposition of the materials as she explores the interdependence of beauty and angst and their co-existence in the world. Sewing needles at times might reference domesticity, the perception of mending or nurturing, however, en mass they embody a more aggressive energy.  The placement of these elements within the folds of the soft, lace-like qualities of the kozo createsa dynamic relationship.  It is through the use of her materials that Demryseeks to convey an idea as well as explore the ever present dance of light and dark that resides within every experience, every concept and every moment in time. Ultimately the intention of Demry’s work is to offer the viewer an opportunity to become engaged in a personal conversation with her art.

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