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1270 Hidden Melody.JPG
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1227 Across Lands.jpg
1155 Yellow Butterfly II.JPG
1137 Wings.JPG
1163 Butterfly Prints #16.JPG
1164 Butterfly Prints #17.JPG
1225 The Road.jpg
1226 Abstract Composition on the Road.JPG
1223 Searching for Fun.JPG

Ana Maria Botero

Ana Maria Botero is a woman, wife, mother, architect and artist.


She was born in Bogota, Columbia, where she lived until 2001 when life brought her to the United States. Although she loves architecture, her heart is currently won over by art. It has always been a hobby of hers, but now, its her passion.


Most of her work is semi-abstract and abstract. Her interest lie in colors, texture and composition. The subject matter is not the venter of her work but the excitement of color.


Acrylics are her medium; they work perfectly for her incorporating different material, creating interesting textures and compositions. Acrylics give her thousands of possibilities to explore.


Her purpose with every exhibition is to catch the eye, intrigue the mind and capture the observer.

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